Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Goodbyes

I'm a see you soon person.  I despise the word goodbye and everything involved with it.  I never want to be dramatic and goodbye feels dramatic.  I hate change (as a general rule) and goodbye is loaded with change.  Like I said we had/have very dear friends in Wisconsin, my family is in Illinois, and the rest of the people closest to our hearts are east of there.  This was not a haphazard decision.  It was thought out meticulously.  We definitely knew we needed to go, but that did not make saying goodbye any easier.  As a mom, my heart breaks a little every day for Lily who left behind that kind of friend that you could spend every second with and not get sick of.  She talks about her almost daily and I pray for God to bring someone into each of their lives to meet that need.  Andy had great guy friends that he did hockey, kayaking, trips... with.  I had great Godly women that made my life richer in every way.  The coolest part was that they were mainly couples, when does that happen that you love the wife and the husband?!?!  Did I mention the wonderful 19 year-old girl that lived with us and loves our kids as her own.  Did I mention the best neighbors in the world?  You get the idea,  BLESSED!!!  This is why I say, 'see you soon.'  You can't put value on people and the way they make your days better just by knowing them.  God is good and we needed to come to this camp and be here!  God is faithful, and has placed amazing people in our lives here too.  I can't wait for Heaven where it will be the best and biggest reunion with no end in sight either!  So instead of goodbye we can say, 'see you soon.'

*I seriously went through our photo library to find pictures of everyone we love, and I'm so sorry if you're not pictured.  You know who you are(=

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