Saturday, June 6, 2009


creativity and thinking seem to take a leave of absence for me during pregnancy. My thoughts through the day look something like; wake up, eat, wonder what I'll have for lunch, look forward to a nap after lunch, wonder what's for dinner and hope I can be in bed well before 10. Primal really. I desire to say intelligent things in conversation, but every interesting notion, thought, or sentence that was once in my head has been pushed aside to make room for thoughts of food and sleep. I don't say these things to alarm or bash pregnancy, it's great! Uncomplicated! The other night I couldn't fall asleep due to being so excited for the labor, delivery, and holding this precious baby in my arms... There is nothing better in this whole world to me then that new life, Andy and I crying joyfully, and our family growing. So I'll take the 40(cross my fingers) weeks of complete brain lapse for that awesome outcome. Cheers.