Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days

We got a headstart on school this year due to upcoming trips and breaks. We are enjoying it so much! All of us, and that says alot. Lily has her alarm set for 7 does devos, chores and breadfast and school starts right at 8:30. Lily chooses what she starts and ends with each day and they can earn media time for excellent attitudes. It feels like a good rythym that we are excited to maintain.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Jason and Lindsay

I don't talk about them much anymore. Oddly, when I do it's still a pretty fresh hurt. Today is the 7 year anniversary of our good friends, Jason and Lindsay's death. It broke open a whole world of hurt, violence and loss that my little life hadn't experienced up to that point. I remember holding 3 week-old Lily and crying and singing as we had just welcomed the new life of our first baby, but lost 2 close friends to death. We will always remember the sweet memories and look forward to seeing them in Heaven once again.
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