Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Me, busy? nah...

Ok, it's really busy around here. Someone is always, hungry, going potty, singing, tracking in, or doing all of the above. It's awesome, and I wouldn't trade it for the world-possibly sleep--I tease. I am enjoying homeschooling and the flexibility it has offered in these early days of newborndom. Every morning the kids wake up, and climb in for cuddles. Andy fake sleeps a little longer (not a morning person), and I start handing out commands ie... iced coffee please, don't bounce the baby's head, stop putting your feet between my legs, time to get dressed. After the morning chores are under way, coffee is sipped, baby is fed we commence school. It is SO laid back and that's what I love! If you want details of our schedule, I'd be happy to share, just let me know. The weather has been gorgeous, so we are trying to be out as much as possible before winter. Andy is playing flag football, and mountain biking pretty regularly. I've also discovered the BEST hot chocolate recipe. Check it out on the Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder. I like mine with whip cream and cinnamon on top. I'm going to be teaching zumba again starting mid-October and look forward to that. Andy is going through this with the girls and it's made me cry a few times. They always want to hear more and that's exciting to us. Time to go, but I hope to update more than less. Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A baby story

9 days later, but better late than never. I was induced twice and really had begun to think that I would never 'go into labor' on my own. I was wrong. My due date according to dr's was Sept 10th, So when I had consistent contractions starting around 1 pm on the 2nd, I was skeptical. I would call Andy and say what do you think we should do? I decided that night to just go to bed and if this were the real thing it would wake me up. Well, at 3:30 am, they woke me up for good. I tried to be polite, tossing and turning in bed til 5 am. Anyone in labor knows how biding time in pain goes. Real fun! At 5 I hopped in the shower to see if it slowed things down or if this train was moving along. Since I had the time, I blowdried and straightened my hair. My last attempt to look decent in all those lovely pictures Andy just loves to take.
I called mom at 6 and said, you better start heading up here, it's the real thing. Yeah! I tried to wait the 3 hours for my mom to get here, an hour later we were in the car on the way to the hospital. I was contracting every 2-4 minutes, awesome 45 minute drive. God knew just what I needed! He's so good. My midwife was there which is pretty sporadic and ended up being the biggest blessing. She checked me and I was between 4-5 cm dialated. She told me we would have the baby most likely by morning sometime. I won't get into gory details, but this was my hardest labor because the baby was posterior. A comforting thought to me during labor, was Mary a young teen, in a stable, terrified, no creature comforts, having Jesus. How could I really complain? After an hour of pushing, I actually got to reach down and welcome our little boy into the world.
Andy balled, I screamed ( I'm sure politely), and we are loving our precious little guy. Even the middle of the night feedings are so special.