Thursday, August 28, 2014

Going back a bit Part 3

That next morning, April 16th we left early!!!  We were full of excitement, questions, and the thought that everything could change quickly.  We were picked up that afternoon and drove to Mount Hermon in Santa Cruz,CA.  Mount Hermon is impressive, it just is.  They do everything to exceed your expectations.  Andy had interviews all afternoon.  I decided I would nap a half hour to rest from the jet lag and then explore.  3 hours later I was still in bed.  That night we went out with a couple that had worked for Kidder and gave us the lowdown on the past 5-10 years.  It was overwhelming and exciting to hear about the possibilities that laid in what they described as, ' the most beautiful place.'  We came back to our room and Andy immediately crashed from an exhausting process of all day interviews and info.  We got up really early the next morning (still on Wisconsin time) and took a hike.  We talked and prayed and prepared for our drive to Kidder.  It was a 6 hour drive with the person who was interviewing us and would potentially be Andy's boss, not intimidating at all...  They talked while I tried to disappear from the process.  When we drove into Kidder to say our hearts where taken back is an understatement.  It truly is a breathtaking spot.  Apple orchards with horses in them, with mountains and streams as the back drop.  I think now a little of us fell in love right then.  Who wouldn't want to raise their kids in that kind of place?
 That night we had dinner with all the  full-time staff of Kidder.  It was wonderful, even though we were being interviewed.   The office manager made a dinner on par with Thanksgiving and we saw in each of the staff a complete commitment to serving God thru camp ministry.  It was very special and that night we fell in love with the people that were working year-round to serve this camp.  The next couple of days were filled with interviews as well as meeting people who we would do life with.  God knew I needed to see how real, day to day life would look, and by the end of the weekend I had captured a vision.  On our last day there we had decided this was a 'yes' for our family.   If the job was extended, we would take it!  We came back to Kidder after lunch and Lisa said, 'Let's go look at your house.'  Wait, does this mean we got the job.  It did!  Earlier in the weekend Lisa had shown us a house that Mount Hermon owned, but would be willing to sell.  It was right next to camp, which I loved for the sake of being involved, but was a farmette on 5 acres.  This is where God went way beyond what needed to happen and just blessed us above our expectations.  It was a great house that needed  tlc... lots of tlc!  But before the Camp, and the move, and the house there would be almost 2 months of packing and telling many people that we had done life with closely, goodbye.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going back a bit Part 2

So we waited... and we would call... and we continued to be lead toward Kidder Creek.  In February or March we found out we were 1 of 3 candidates remaining and they would want to do a face to face interview.  Things were picking up, and getting real!  By March we kept our calendars completely open in case they said, 'this weekend.'  It was hard to be living fully in Wisconsin with so much going on in California, but I feel we did.  We loved LGYC and it was easy for Andy to continue the work he felt called to and passionate about!   I was having all the 'girl' thoughts.  Will this other place be a good fit for our family?  Where will I deliver this baby?  How rural is rural?  We found out we would be flying out April 16th.  I wanted to have a reveal party to before we left with all the people we loved the most in Wisconsin.  Thanks to friends bringing almost all the treats we made it happen the night before we left.

                  It's a boy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maybe I should go back a bit...Part 1

This past 6 months have been the most transitional 6 months in my entire life.  To just brush past them and not document this whole experience would be a shame.  So where do I start...  When Andy and I set out on our journey together (April of 2000 is when we began dating), adventure was in our hearts, travel was in our shoes and the love of God and people tied it all together.
 We road tripped everywhere, hung out with friends anywhere and took every opportunity to have fun or an adventure.  Fast forward a few years we have Lily in 2004 and realize... we need $$$$.  Ok, so we love camping ministry, but seasonal jobs aren't cutting it anymore.  Enter life in Lake Geneva, WI.  We found a great Christian Camp where Andy would work full time, and gain experience.  Lake Geneva Youth Camp was an incredible 10 year journey.  The friends and connections we made there are irreplaceable.  It's where we brought 3 of our 5 children home to.
  It's where Andy and I grew up and grew together, so to speak.  It's something so close to my heart that I actually have a hard time writing about it.  The love and community there made us better and equipped us to be fully used by God.  Precious. Not to mention that I believe a huge part of our community was formed in the last couple years there. Anyway  it was an extremely sweet and formative time!  And then something happened.  Andy saw a post for a job at a wilderness camp in California.  If you know us, more so if you know Andy you know his heart is wilderness ministry.  Rafting, snowboarding, biking... you name it he does it and loves it.  I'm a community girl, show me who will be my people and then I'll consider it.  So he submitted his application and the games began so to speak.  This was probably October or Nov. of 2013.  A month would pass. we would assume they chose someone else, call to check and be told, 'no, you made it to the next interviewing process.'   Seriously this happened probably 6 times.  We were content in Wisconsin, but knew that our hearts longed for a wilderness camp ministry.  December rolled around and we found out baby # 5 was on their way.  So yes we wanted to go, but to find a camp that could support our growing family would also be a challenge.  At this point I think we both thought it sounded great, but what were the chances?

I'm going to use this space...

Until I can get my blogging act together this will be my space to share.  I'll be posting on instagram too.  Ridge's birth story is a good starting point once again.  See you here for now.