Monday, January 23, 2012

Make the everyday special.

Valentines is coming and for some reason, I really like going all out for it! The girls and I made this today, during River's nap of course. They were able to help alot and it turned out great! Do yourself a favor and do not read the nutrition facts on the back of the ingredients-yowza! Never too early to start planning for V-day.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here I am.

I'm pretty good at hiding huh? I am at 34 weeks pregnant, reading about homeschooling while River naps and Claire and Lily ski with dad. This is a very normal Sunday! We are loving this season and I don't want to sound too annoying, but I'm enjoying it so much it's easy to hole up. School is going well. Lily is deep into 2nd grade and Claire is transitioning well into what I would consider kindergarten work. Andy wants them to be close together grade-wise so I have picked it up with Claire. I am thankful for the little hands that help unload groceries, buckle carseats, and sweep after meals. What a blessing family working together is! River loves 'hutball'(football to the layman) and can be found running around on our new hardwood floors with one most of the day. Which leads me to another blessing, Andy. I am VERY,VERY thankful for the husband and dad he is! Tonight we will continue painting trim and installing base board while we tune into the series 'REAl MARRIAGE' put out by Mars Hill in Seattle. It makes painting trim a little more fun. I'm journaling every day during my devo time trying to remember things like; went sledding, held Claire for an hour while she wasn't feeling good, Lily asked me how she could help me, Andy and I went out for dinner. The little things that I will want to remember when I'm gray. I am very excited to meet the next member of our family, but I am in no rush. I know it means sleepless nights and less going so I am trying to savor the calm before the storm. I'm also excited that it means family visiting and a hospital stay, or as I like to call it, a mini vaca. Life is good as we know it!