Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

We're at 11 and counting, apparently hairstyles as well.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We've done it all...

and it's only 3! It's amazing how long, days with little ones can feel. Young minds are fed. We've played outside til fingers are numb. All hearts have been tended to. The cookies were baked by 10, and the house is tidy(enough), is it bedtime? No, no it's not. We've got 4 more hours of 'who the heck knows?' So today I'm trying to focus on the beauty of my unending day. Every parent I have met with adult children says how fast it goes. With that in mind, I won't complain, I'll hold them while I can. Here's a picture of one of our inside activities as of late, phone dates with long-distance relatives.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Up late.

Winter camp is going on, Andy's not here=me up till 2 am. I listened to this and it packed a punch as a mommy of youngin's.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Catchy title eh? That what my sister-in-law has affectionately titled our recent blizzard. You might have heard about it... If not just read any recent facebook status update and you'll be all caught up. We've been enjoying honey oatmeal bread (2 loaves a day.)
'Playing in the snow', honestly it's more like survival of the fittest.
Don't you love his laid-back, casual, pose? That's our back porch. The amount of snow is unreal!

We've also been enjoying having a very dear friend live with us for a few weeks til we can get her moved in at camp. It's been as close to Heaven as you get on Earth. Nights filled with tea, snowshoeing, and Andy making fun of us doing both. It doesn't get much better! We press on in homeschooling. Days are filled with reading, speed drills, hand writing, reading, phonics, reading...ok lot's of reading-such a fun perk! Almost through 'Magician's Nephew', my personal favorite in the 'Narnia' series. Hope you have at least a little snow wherever you are. At least enough to make a ball, throw it at someone and make them real angry. Cheers.
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