Friday, July 16, 2010

I have to start somewhere.

I wish I was just telling you today's goodies, but life is full and blogs get pushed to the back burner, so will overview. July and August our home becomes Le' Hotel Warke'n , we're fancy like that. It's a funfest! My great friend Kathleen with her twin girls came last week, which means kids are entertained and the moms get to talk, and talk we did, til 1:30 am, which is very late for this mama. I recovered with my daily, huge, iced coffees (perky doesn't just happen). Next to visit were Kurt and Cindi. She is definitely in the right field, she takes a slew of pictures and is always ready. So we went to the beach alot, played games, and celebrated Lily turning 6 (yes a little early.)
In the beginning of Lily's birthdays I went big. Sad to say, this cake was taken straight off the back of the box.
Lily was lead on a scavenger hunt that included bunnies and her cousin Mac (the goldendoodle.)
We played tag in the field and the adults laughed more or as much as the kids.

Lily was in day camp this week and rode the giant swing, she told me tonight she wishes she could ride it 'every ten hours.'

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer favorites list

From shoes to music to, well it won't go much beyond that. Here are some of my top picks.

1. As far as sandals go, these go with everything and my love for them is still going strong.

2. I am really enjoying having a sitter every Saturday for a couple hours. Sometimes I road bike, sometimes I journal, and then I come home refreshed and ready for the day.

3. The beach,

and this suit. It's called the Body Glove and ensures that non-swimmers are safe while moms are caring for little ones.

4. Here's what's getting played lately on my ipod; Jack Johnson- To the Sea, Mike Perkins, and John Butler Trio.

5. Our baby's birthday is always such a fun party. She is requesting super nachos and Chocolate chip cookie cake. A girl after her mother's heart

Here are some extra favorites.

6. Favorite healthy drink

7. Favorite summer meal

8. If you're bored with you're hair, but trying to grow it out(=.

9. Favorite sunless tanner.

Some extra music;

Infamous Stringdusters

Trampled by Turtles

Hackensaw Boys

Sean Hayes

Hey, you're welcome. I have set you up for a very sweet summer.