Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today driving,

I had a flashback to driving in the sun as a 19 year old in college, not a care in the world except what I would wear and getting my homework done. I swallowed hard and fought back tears. Time moves fast! How do I have an almost 8 year old and 3 other little ones?? I was also reminded recently exactly what my time on earth is for. God saved me through His Son Jesus and I cannot live passively. I want to spend my time sharing that truth until my time runs out. I have been praying for opportunities to tell others about Jesus and on top of that to take advantage of them when they present themselves. So, here it goes... life on earth is hard, lots of hurt, pain, sadness, with fleeting moments of happiness. God came to give life more abundantly and heal all those hurting places in our lives. All we have to do is accept His free gift He is offering us which is eternal life. But how? It's simple, He has not made it complicated. We have sinned, and sin and Heaven which is perfect can't be together. Trust me you wouldn't want murder, hate and the like in Heaven, it wouldn't be much to look forward to if that was there. We needed to be saved and that's where Jesus comes in. He became man, left Heaven, died on the cross, and rose again so that me, and you could live with Him free from the hurt, pain, sadness... Seems impossibly easy right? It doesn't depend on us being good, or having enough faith, or saying the right phrase it just takes us saying, 'I can't do this on my own, please God I need Jesus. I want to spend eternity with you.'

Acts 16:31

English Standard Version (ESV)

31 And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

Luke 19:10

'For the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost.'

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You know you're a mom of 4 if...

you are blogging during the 2am feeding, because there isn't time during the rest of the day. Sorry the pictures are out of order, but there are pictures(=. I love the one with all the kids and Riv is as far away as possible. Things are definitely fuller here, but honestly wonderful, since welcoming Bode Tru into our family March 6th. I went in for my 39th week visit and found out I was having consistent contractions. Not the kind of contractions you breathe through, you just kind of know they are there. Andy did the classic 'dad' thing where he made the hour long trip back home with our kids, dropped them off with our friend Brit, picked up all hospital things and headed back up. Good, hard labor,the kind you do notice, didn't kick in til 9 that night, and Bode made his grand appearance at 12:06am.
Here are some blessings I encountered during this experience;
1. My midwife was off, but came in and coached, guided and just stayed with us! Words can't express what that meant.
2. This was my 4th time doing this all-natural and just when I feel at the end of my rope and I am unraveling, I find out we are at the end and Bode was soon in my arms.
3. Every nurse was WONDERFUL, which again makes the experience that much sweeter!
4. This was the first time I was like, 'Ok, I'm ready to go home and face the troops.' Generally I feel like, 'Ok, can't I stay a couple more days and have room service and morning television?'
5. Everyone who babysat, visited, care packages from special sister-in laws(=, has brought meals or whisked my kids away...The body of Christ is a beautiful thing!
6. A great recovery and beautiful weather. I have been on significant walks the past 4 days.
7. My mom has stayed and committed 2 weeks to just helping us transition and it has been such a fun, and huge blessing!
8. Andy, he is my best friend and I wouldn't want to go through intense labor and then the beauty of welcoming new life with anyone else right next to me saying, 'You're doing great Em!' I will never forget those words and the care he always gives.
9. Seeing our kids all together, and River loving on Bode and the girls always wanting to hold him-Precious! God is so good and deserves all the praise through this. I am beyond thankful!