Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's do this.

If you're like me you have all sorts of different kinds of days. You have the uneventful, where you wouldn't necessarily call them good or bad, but just days. You have the days that are great, where you are rested, surrounded by great moments of laughing and joy and when you lay down on the pillow that night you're not questioning the words you said, or the actions of your children, you're just thankful and at peace. Then other days fall into the 'Let's do this' category. Kids are up earlier than usual, quiet time is missed, coffee didn't work and you are seeing all the characteristics in your kids that make you question your parenting abilities. I tend to push through these days, pray for grace and understanding and for the Heavenly Father who is the perfect parent, to once again take the reigns. At the end of these days, I usually turn to Andy and ask, 'Are we doing things right?' 'What do we need to change and work on?' 'This is harder than I anticipated.' On the 'Let's do this' days I especially need to remember to give myself grace and do-overs. The day doesn't have to continue on this track. 2PM is a perfectly good time to make things right! We are coming out of Andy having a very full schedule and me feeling very spent as a mom. Grace needs to abound in our house especially these days. Everyone feels a little off, isolated and out of sync as our work is very lifestyle instead of 8-5. Our annual camping trip is coming and I can't wait to reconnect, rest, and recreate, just us. I didn't know exactly how much I felt this until this morning when I was edgy and the tears started coming. 2 Trader Joe Dark Chocolate bars dipped in peanut butter and Andy taking over has definitely helped on the road to emotional well-being. A week unplugged and unprogrammed will be the icing on the cake!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's hot here!

Sprinklers, water balloons and the beach are filling our schedule.
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Training with 3 kids.

Andy is climbing Mt. Rainier in August. Here's what power lunges look like with three kids.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My summer staples.

I love clothes! I know they are material, they are frivolous, and there are bigger things to think about. I also know
how I feel when I see or wear a great outfit. That being said, this summer I am all about the jean cut-offs and a white tank! Try it you'll love it, except all the male readers, Josh Glidden. You would look like a weirdo.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Love your neighbor as yourself.

When I was in high school I worked at a CEF Camp, which started my passion for Christian camping. They are very strong on the Gospel presentation and I love that! A great tool they offer is called 5 day clubs. Teens from the area give their time to come to your house do songs,Bible time, games and just fun stuff kids love. They also tell the great story of Jesus every day for 5 days. Claire bear is in her one-on -one time going through the wordless book in that middle pic. It made me tear up a little, praying and hoping she gets it! It's easy to host and a great way to reach out to your neighborhood, which should be our greatest mission field. As Christians we should be the kindest, hospitable and caring neighbors people have ever known! The only thing I had to do was drive around passing out invites, provide the snack and open my doors, I encourage you to get involved in some way in your neighbor's lives. Here's the link if your interested-5 day clubs
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

We are using summer to do some projects that would make me too crazy along with school year stuff. I really wanted Claire riding a two-wheeler by the end of the summer. Pulling 80lbs maybe a great workout, but I was feeling more mule than mom. That said she really just decided that she was ready and did it! love her independent spirit. I am working my way through each room painting walls, painting trim, organizing, etc... this summer. Bathroom is complete and under $100 for new curtains, new floor, walls, and trim! I love our bathroom! Next is finishing the trim in our bdrm, I'll post pics as soon as that is done. Gardening always takes time, but I am not burdened by it at all, pure joy. The girls watched this Australian show called 'Just add water,' about 3 teen girls who become mermaids. All they do is pretend they are mermaids with Australian accents all day. River is getting more and more words, but not quite getting the one I want him to embrace. Potty. We'll see if that is a mission accomplished this summer or a potty fail.
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