Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maybe I should go back a bit...Part 1

This past 6 months have been the most transitional 6 months in my entire life.  To just brush past them and not document this whole experience would be a shame.  So where do I start...  When Andy and I set out on our journey together (April of 2000 is when we began dating), adventure was in our hearts, travel was in our shoes and the love of God and people tied it all together.
 We road tripped everywhere, hung out with friends anywhere and took every opportunity to have fun or an adventure.  Fast forward a few years we have Lily in 2004 and realize... we need $$$$.  Ok, so we love camping ministry, but seasonal jobs aren't cutting it anymore.  Enter life in Lake Geneva, WI.  We found a great Christian Camp where Andy would work full time, and gain experience.  Lake Geneva Youth Camp was an incredible 10 year journey.  The friends and connections we made there are irreplaceable.  It's where we brought 3 of our 5 children home to.
  It's where Andy and I grew up and grew together, so to speak.  It's something so close to my heart that I actually have a hard time writing about it.  The love and community there made us better and equipped us to be fully used by God.  Precious. Not to mention that I believe a huge part of our community was formed in the last couple years there. Anyway  it was an extremely sweet and formative time!  And then something happened.  Andy saw a post for a job at a wilderness camp in California.  If you know us, more so if you know Andy you know his heart is wilderness ministry.  Rafting, snowboarding, biking... you name it he does it and loves it.  I'm a community girl, show me who will be my people and then I'll consider it.  So he submitted his application and the games began so to speak.  This was probably October or Nov. of 2013.  A month would pass. we would assume they chose someone else, call to check and be told, 'no, you made it to the next interviewing process.'   Seriously this happened probably 6 times.  We were content in Wisconsin, but knew that our hearts longed for a wilderness camp ministry.  December rolled around and we found out baby # 5 was on their way.  So yes we wanted to go, but to find a camp that could support our growing family would also be a challenge.  At this point I think we both thought it sounded great, but what were the chances?