Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going back a bit Part 2

So we waited... and we would call... and we continued to be lead toward Kidder Creek.  In February or March we found out we were 1 of 3 candidates remaining and they would want to do a face to face interview.  Things were picking up, and getting real!  By March we kept our calendars completely open in case they said, 'this weekend.'  It was hard to be living fully in Wisconsin with so much going on in California, but I feel we did.  We loved LGYC and it was easy for Andy to continue the work he felt called to and passionate about!   I was having all the 'girl' thoughts.  Will this other place be a good fit for our family?  Where will I deliver this baby?  How rural is rural?  We found out we would be flying out April 16th.  I wanted to have a reveal party to before we left with all the people we loved the most in Wisconsin.  Thanks to friends bringing almost all the treats we made it happen the night before we left.

                  It's a boy!

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