Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent 2012

 I just had to get more creative than, 'I'm back.'  My poor, little, neglected blog.  I am excited anew about Christmas.  We are in a magical place with the kids ages.  They are all Excited about Christmas.  They are in love with all things by candlelight.  They will try strange foods, in the  name of Christmas.  So last night we had pheasant, patatas bravas and flan.  River dipped it all in ketchup, but that's okay.  I believe some culture was caught.  Today we will bake cookies, knock on neighbor's doors and not be creepy all in the name of Christmas!!   We find the Advent devos that are out there hard to navigate  with little ones.  We have taken a different approach this year.  After dinner, we just open it up, ask them if they have questions or thoughts on Christmas or whatever.  Last night both girls told us they would like to be baptized.  Lily told us she talks to Jesus every night before bed.  When we asked Claire and River if they did too, they said, 'no, we are too tired.'  I love the honesty!!  So far they have been sweet times together.  So through this season we hope you are blessed, with family, intentional and loved.

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